Released: September 23, 2016

After we finished writing Dreamer, we really didn't know what our future as a band was. For awhile, we thought the project would likely return to a solo effort. We stopped practicing and most of the band focused on other projects. Over time, Bruce wrote a handful of demos and eventually showed them to Nick, which sparked some excitement. With that, and Chris' idea to record in a cabin, in June of 2015, the five of us left our "real lives" behind in Massachusetts and relocated up to Glover, Vermont for eight days with all our music equipment. No distractions or stress. Despite blowing two speakers and a fuse in Joe's bass cab the first night, it was peaceful and productive. Every day we would wake up, make coffee, jam, eat, relax, and take in the Vermont scenery. The cabin was perfect in every way. It was inspiring and sounded incredible. We left with eight of the eleven songs on Everything Is Beautiful fully written. When we came back to Massachusetts, we went back to our day jobs, but every individual member took charge on various aspects of the release. Chris organized everything we had to do with the MEGAZORD spreadsheet. The excitement was back. We took our time to finish our ideas, and the end result is something we're all incredibly proud of.

"Everything is beautiful" was a thought Bruce had while flying over the Grand Canyon. It fits the general dichotic concept we were going for: good vs evil, light vs dark, and the idea that that even dark times can have some positive in them.

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