Released: July 9, 2014

Dreamer was a complicated album. We were burnt out and forcing ourselves to write for really no reason other than having the feeling that we needed a follow up to Monophonic. Two of the songs that would end up on the album, Decayer and Conceiver, were written and performed for months. We toured with them, although they were unnamed at the time. The rest of the songs slowly formed over a long and discouraging time period of about 8 months. Sleeper was written by Nick using his looper and all the guitars were tracked exclusively by him. Sonder was put together based off of demo ideas Nick had. Dreamer was a simple, peaceful track Chris put together while trying to spark some creativity in the studio. Mourner was originally a demo started by Bruce that was restructured and rewritten as a band multiple times. Day Bringer was mainly Steve playing around with a synth at the studio. Everything felt very disjointed.

Brian Morgante, a friend who has done design work for us in the past, was starting a cassette based label called Flesh & Bone Records right around the time we were wrapping up Dreamer. He had some very positive words to say about the songs and introduced us to number of people who have become close friends. Brian also ended up doing the album artwork for Dreamer. Without his words of encouragement, this album may not have seen the light of day. We're pretty thankful for that because overall, it was well received. People genuinely like the music and looking back on it now, we admit there are some really cool ideas on album. We used many instruments that were new to us including strings, voice, and synthesizers. We also learned how not to write music together.

Conceptually, the "bookends" represent falling asleep and waking up respectively. The other tracks represent different dream states. This worked well with the general "dreamy" sound of songs, as well as the overall lack of cohesion. The -er suffix used at the end of all the song titles was arbitrary. We took a long, much needed hiatus after we finished recording.

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